Living with a Drug Addict: Stand Up and Just Say No

Living with a Drug Addict: Stand Up and Just Say No

Living with a drug addict can be one of the most frustrating things a person can do.

Sometimes there is no choice involved, or at least it feels like it. Are you the child of a drug addict, a sibling, a partner, a parent? You love the drug addict with all your heart; you hate the drugs that have taken over his or her life and personality, and by extension, your life as well.

Chances are, unless you are the partner and can choose to leave the relationship, you are going to continue to live with the drug addict. If you are the spouse or partner, you will most likely choose to do this anyway. But this is the first thing that needs to be decided : Do you stay or go?
Let the addict know you are not going to let drugs destroy the rest of the family.
* You have decided to stay.

Okay then. Next thing to do is make sure all of the money coming into the house is out of reach for the drug addict. Yes, even if he or she is one of the contributors. Get a separate bank account with just your name on it. Have the drug addict make sure to give you money first from his check so you can put it into your account to pay the mortgage, utilities, buy groceries, etc. Keep any money around the house locked up where the drug addict cannot find it or get to it.

Just say NO. That word is easier say it than do it but nevertheless, it is important to tell this person that you are not going to be a co-conspirator. You will not allow drug addiction to take over your life nor the lives of others in the home. Drug addiction is a disease but it is also a choice; do you stay as a drug addict or do you get help? Let the addict know you are notgoing to let drugs destroy the rest of the family.

* Do not forget who you are.

Sometimes, loved ones of drug addicts become enablers and let the problem take over their lives and personalities as well. Maybe the drug addict wants to hole up in the house with his alcohol or drugs, but you do not need to miss special occasions or that movie you have been wanting to see, or your daughter’s play or son’s game. Living with a drug addict is hard enough without feeling like it has taken over every part of your life as well. It does take over the home but you can stand up and just say no.