How to Help an Addict in Recovery

How to Help an Addict in Recovery

Recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction is not an easy process.

While there are things that loved ones can do to be supportive and helpful, it also is not necessary to walk on eggshells. Encouragement is one of the best aids a recovering addict can receive. Whether the person has been through rehab once or several times, encouragement will still help. It shows confidence which often is what the addict is lacking at this time. Along with encouragement, a positive attitude helps.

No one should be condescending to the recovering addict. They are recovering from addiction, not stupid. There also is no need to cater to their every whim. During recovery, the addict needs to readjust to living a normal life. Loved ones should try to make home life as normal as possible. Eventually, the person in recovery will ultimately be exposed to drugs and/or alcohol again and will need to learn to over come the temptation. It is best, however, to keep these items out of the recovering addict’s home. The temptation, at first, may be too great if the substance is within easy reach.
Encouragement is one of the best aids a recovering addict can receive.
Occasionally, recovering alcoholics need a little nudge to get back into the swing of things. Gentle reminders to look for employment never hurt anyone. Try not to nag, however. Continue to be firm that no drugs or alcohol will be permitted in the house.

* A recovering addict is rediscovering a sober life.

Those around him or her should be themselves. There is no need to coddle or over compensate and there is no reason to follow them around like a blood hound. If the addict wants to go back to drugs and/or alcohol, they will find a way so there is no need to constantly watch them like a child. If they do relapse, however, take swift action. Insist on their going back to rehab and make it clear that you will not allow your home to be turned upside down again by drugs or alcohol.

It can be very awkward to be around a recovering addict or alcoholic, but most of that is that loved ones do not understand how to behave. Loved ones should behave the way they normally do, only add a little encouragement and praise on occasion without being condescending. Life can be a little shaky at first when a recovering addict comes home but the best thing loved ones can do is be there for them.