Should a Former Drug Addict Drink Alcohol?

Should a Former Drug Addict Drink Alcohol?

In reality, giving up drugs and taking up alcohol is a little like giving up cigarettes and taking up smoking cigars.

Alcohol is a drug; it is just in liquid form. While there is a chance, albeit small, that no harm would come from it, chances are an alcohol addiction would be formed. If the former drug addict thinks back to Detox and considers if that is something they may have to do again for alcohol, the answer will probably be no.
There is always help available to those who are tempted by drugs or alcohol.
* One away from drugs in any form, it is best to stay away from them. Alcohol is just as addictive as any other drug. In fact, many drug addicts are also alcoholics. Alcohol is a chemical that alters the brain and changes a person’s way of thinking, habits and behavior. Having one drink can lead to two, then three and so on. * Addiction to alcohol is no less dangerous than a drug addiction.

* Those who have been addicted to drugs would be better off leaving alcohol alone.

No one can predict what will happen but it is tempting fate. Just like any other drug, an addict usually tries some, thinking no harm will come from it. Also like other drugs, it soon spirals out of control and they are an alcoholic. That means starting back from square one and getting help.

If there is a strong temptation to drink alcohol, chances are stress is behind it (just like the drugs) and the individual needs to find out the cause of the stress. * Alcohol will not solve the problem. * Alcohol addiction is just as likely as any other drug addiction. Especially since the individual has had addiction problems in the past, drinking alcohol is like playing with a loaded gun.

” There is always help available to those who are tempted by drugs or alcohol and the best time to get that help is before the problem exists ”

Talking to a friend, a counselor or someone at a rehab center before taking that drink may just make walking away from it a bit easier. If a loved one has had an addiction problem in the past and is now drinking alcohol, seek help and don’t be afraid to confront your loved one. Most people just don’t think of alcohol as a drug and that is exactly what it is. Once addicted, Detox and rehab are needed to overcome it.