Can Meth Addicts Stop with No Support?

Can Meth Addicts Stop with No Support?

People wonder if Meth Addicts can stop without support.

People wonder if meth addicts can stop without support. This is asked repeatedly online, in support groups and in drug rehabilitation centers around the world. Some people believe the answer is yes. After all, they find themselves able to stop for a few weeks but then something happens and they get a fix and find themselves right back where they were.

Once in a blue moon someone may very well be able to do that, stop taking meth altogether without support but the odds are against them in this. Also, seriously, being groups and drug rehabilitation centers around the world that specialize in this situations, why would somebody put themselves through something that is already one of the hardest journeys of their life?

Meth addicts are prone to mood swings and withdrawals that can wreak havoc like nothing else can. They need to have a physical done to make sure they are able to Detox without the help of medication. Being able to do so, is a wonderful and positive way to recover, but professional counsellors do want to make sure what a person’s body can do so without causing more harm. Once this is established, the meth addict is good to go and start a successful treatment program.
A drug rehab center and a support group really are the only ways to go right.
As a meth addict goes through withdrawal, he needs to have others around him who understands what he is going through and how to help him to deal with the withdrawal itself. He needs the peer group of those who have been where he is now, so they can cheer him on and help him, not only to take responsibility for his own actions, but also to get through the hardship, the urges and the cravings, so he does not give in to them.

* The ability to stop using Meth can be done.

The journey getting there can be a hard road to travel. The finish line can be one of the greatest feelings and accomplishments a person would ever have. Having a support group helps a person to get there, and has the necessary tools on hand for a person to get a successful recovery from the Meth addiction.

So, can Meth Addicts stop without support? Some say yes. But stopping just for a few weeks and then giving in to the urge because you haven’t gone through a successful treatment program is not really stopping.

True success comes from doing it right and doing it in the long term. A drug rehab center and a support group really are the only ways to go Right. You’re worth taking the most successful route, but what if you don’t believe that? Well, that reason alone should tell you that YES, you do need support.