Addict Help – Depression and Addiction

Addict Help – Depression and Addiction

Addicts need addict help when addiction to substances is used to counteract depression. Often addicts fail to realize that they have depression. People often think that depression is when we feel sad and unhappy about some life event. People who cry and feel sad in fact are actually in the process of relieving their emotions about a sad event. This process of grieving or mourning, feeling a sense of loss, is perfectly natural and healthy – expressing our grief and our pain enables us to relax and to move on with our lives.

Depression is caused by circumstances about which we feel unhappy, but can see no possibility of relief. Depression can sometimes feel like we are being compressed into doing something that we don’t want do, acting in ways that don’t feel comfortable with. If depression becomes chronic, our feelings of depression can intensify. Depressive thinking eventually takes away all of our capacity to get ourselves out of the situation. Feelings of depression can, if there is intense pressure, sometimes lead to feelings of suicide, as means to get relief.

People who regularly use drugs or alcohol to alleviate bad feelings often do not realize how dependent they have become. Tension and stress can explode if a person is deprived of their substance of choice.

A common way of trying to overcome feelings of depression is to raise our anxiety levels, and sometimes to become angry. When faced with an overwhelming, and difficult task, we might become angry about it, and feel resentful. Anger and resentment mask the fact that about the situation, we really feel depressed.

Anxiety levels can be raised by procrastination. People with depression often don’t get around to doing the things that they “should” do. When panic and alarm set in because we are late or have not completed a task – it provides the motivation to get us past the post. However, if we give in to the lethargy of depression, dishes pile up in the sink, bills remain unpaid – soon it becomes too hard to sort out the mess we are in.

It is too easy for people who are feeling depressed to turn to drug use for relief. Drugs will reduce the symptom of depression and anxiety. People with depression who have become addicted to drugs need immediate addict help for both depression and their drug use. Unfortunately society often feels that with the symptom of depression medicated away – that is the end of the problem. Doctors don’t ask – are you well, but are you feeling functional. People sometimes take antidepressants for many years, failing to deal with the issues that cause depressive symptoms.

Depression is all about conflict – and the way we think that things should be. Holistic counseling for depression helps us to identify the reasons for emotional conflict and finds ways that they can be resolved. Resolving emotional problems we have leads to peace of mind – and addiction recovery. Without the tension or the emotional pressure – the demand for drugs decreases. Physical symptoms of drug withdrawal are best handled using holistic drug free methods.

Using holistic methods for drug detox – you can become totally drug free. Using holistic counseling and support you can become completely free of depression. Get holistic addict help for drug use and depression and you can start to live in a way that feels healthy – and free.