Heroin & Prostitution

Heroin & Prostitution

In 2008, I was arrested for prostitution.

At the police station was a scared young girl sitting beside me, I guessed that she had just been arrested for the first time because her eyes were filled with tears. Looking at her reminded me of when I was arrested for the first time; it was Christmas Eve and I wasn’t even 21 years old at that point and I had been caught shoplifting. Basically, I was from a poor family and my mom and dad had been killed in an accident.
When I was in the tank, I met a woman who I thought was around 30 or 35 years old. I was wondering why she had been arrested. Slowly, she moved towards me and started talking. I was surprised when she told me that she was 25 years old. As time went on, we became much closer and started talking about her life and she told that she was a prostitute.

* I asked her how she could do it.

She told me that it was simple and said that she got some help from her little friend. She told me about heroin and how it made it easier for her have sex. She was also very passionate about sex because it was a way to make good money. She said that she made more than a 600% profit every day but it still wasn’t enough for her.

As my eyes got wide, she explained how heroin helped her have sex with customers. I mumbled something about wishing that I had the nerve and right then they called her name. She was being released. As she walked away, she turned and asked me if I was serious. I was desperate to get into that life, which seemed like a happy fantasy.

* An hour later, they called my name.

I was surprised that I was being released. When I got out, I saw the woman that I had been talking to an hour before—she had bailed me out. She took me to her hotel room and gave me some heroin. By the next morning, I had done my first trick. Before long, I was so desperate for heroin that I would take a trick at any price to get money that I would spend just as fast as it had been earned, just to get that feeling that heroin gave me.

I turned and looked at the terrified girl next to me and I tried to convince her to do the same but she wasn’t convinced. I told her my story but after hearing it, she said she wasn’t interested and advised me to stop using. She was later bailed out and went away, but her advice haunted me and it was then that I wanted to get out.