Addict Help: Crystal Meth – Addiction Recovery

Addict Help: Crystal Meth – Addiction Recovery

For crystal meth addiction recovery, getting addict help requires holistic intervention.

Crystal meth makes a user feel powerful and omnipotent – and beyond the realm of conscience. Although crystal meth was introduced into the drug market several years ago, it proved unpopular with most recreational drug users as offering little by way of a “good time”. The innate aggression released by crystal meth use made users fear for their sanity- using crystal meth takes you into a world without care, beyond reason.

Crystal meth is related to the methamphetamine MDMA. Methamphetamines, in their many varieties and variations are regarded as being at the hard end of the hard drugs market. Even among hardened drug users, the crystal meth addict is someone to be wary of. Meth necks and meth heads can easily become meth monsters, full of paranoia, anger and aggression. Physical damage to the user, or to other people is a common outcome when crystal meth addiction takes over.

Crystal meth does damage to your body, particularly around the face, the throat and lungs when crystal meth is smoked. Horror stories abound which depict the intense, and very often rapid deterioration of a person’s body, and their facial features with crystal meth addiction. A lack of food, self care and crystal meth abuse in truth makes users appear to be the walking dead. Many people think that crystal meth addicts are beyond the reach of any addict help.

Crystal meth is a stimulant, and the “high” can be more long lasting than heroin or cocaine, this will depend on the tolerance effect for an individual user, and the amount of ice that is used. Crystal meth can be taken orally, snorted or inhaled. Ice has no distinctive odor – its vapor invisible. Sold in the street as a powder, or as small crystals, crystal meth is now being used as a cheaper substitute for cocaine.

Cocaine is sometimes combined with heroin and injected intravenously as a “speedball” Crystal meth can also be mixed with heroin, an equally lethal mix known as a meth speedball.

Making up drugs in combination increases the chances of death, particularly with stimulants when the body is already depleted and weakened by habitual use of drugs. The speedball is very addictive, many people feel that by the time you have become addicted to speedballs you have come to the end of the road.

Addict help for users who have become addicted to stimulants such as ice or MDMA is available at drug addiction recovery centers that use holistic methods. People addicted to crystal meth are liable to psychosis and be in need of much human support and help in any drug detox process. Mainstream drug rehab centers are all too ready with the needle for drug addicts in rehab whose behavior gets out of control. Many centers will tend to bring out the medication in order to control and manage symptoms of aggression and paranoid behavior.

With holistic drug free detox that uses only natural methods, addict help means support for the crystal meth addict, not sedating drugs. Crystal meth users very often have big issues in their lives about power and vulnerability – the key to successful crystal meth rehab is getting the addict to trust.

Recovery from crystal meth addiction is possible. Addict help in the holistic style can bring you back from the brink of death into a new and happy life.